Roger ,20, love video games and anime and manga . I like to humor people and sometimes draw what comes to mind. Poetry will randomly come to me.
favorite things are Pokemon ,Smash Bros. Once Upon A TIme ,Supernatural.
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    my main, of course!

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  • spookyshears:

    I really love the arrangement for Kapp’n’s song from Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the new Smash Bros, so…. yeah. lol

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    • skyrim: *dragon sound*
    • me: can you not
  • durbikins:

    Reggie confirmed for scrub

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  • Happy 8th Birthday, Diamond & Pearl series!! (September 28th, 2006)

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  • hhawkeye:

    when you find out an actor you think is cute is around 32 and you’re like “wow he’s really young”

    that’s when you know you have a problem

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  • spoofenshmirtz:

    31 Days of Halloween: Day 14 - Orange

    Red + yellow = orange, right?

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    • me: i have a crush
    • friend: suck their dick
  • Mega Glalie joins the battle!
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    Your blog is now blessed by Pikachu

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  • isodelphox:


    ※Permission to repost was granted by the artist

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  • gatormech:

    Take flight!

    I was totally upset by the lack of trainer customization, but this makes me so happy. 

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  • TM 87.


    Tell that bitch I got swagger.